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business with confidence. Through our extensive resources and hands-on training, we strive to create a community of passionate and skilled lash artists who embody excellence and elevate the industry as a whole.

Our mission is to elevate the art of lash application by providing luxurious, high-quality lash supplies and education to aspiring lash professionals. We are committed to empowering beauty entrepreneurs to enhance their skills and create a profitable 6 figure

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Word on the Street

" I had so much fun at Milas course. Shes so direct, funny and generous. I loved all the supplies that were included and the workstation set made life easy. The ReFresh training a month later helped me so much with my volume. Highly recommend ladies!"


"Retired RN to a full time lash and brow artist. Mila is truly amazing with the training and business side. Other lash educators are ghosts after but Mila is always there for me!"

- j

"Best. Lash Adhesive. Ever. Wide humidity range and for sensitive eyes! The primer and super bonder also goes so well with the adhesive."

- ivy

"My sister and I are forever grateful for Mila. We took her lash training last winter. Aside from the amazing free lunch, we learned Classic, Hybrid, Volume & Mega as well as how to get our business started. Mila set up our Instagram accounts and we are lashing part time, she reposts our story and sends us her waitlist clients and this has helped us go from 1 client a week to 5- 8 clients per week."

- Anna & Ginee

"In love with the fibre tweezers and lash adhesive!!! Been using Lash Mode products for 4 years and going. I am a happy lash artist. Highly recommend if you're reading this."

- Sarah