I am the CEO, lash artist and educator of Lash Mode Ltd, a leading provider of top-quality lash supplies and education.

Loyal to this industry for 7 years and going,
I am so proud of my custom lash course that was designed  for artists at every level to elevate their skills and boost their confidence by guiding them through their entrepreneurial journey to making 6 figures.
I've also dedicated years of research,  trial and error to create my lash brand so that i can bring only the best products to the market!

The Mastermind Behind It All

Hi, I'm mila!

Over the years, I have assisted over 190 women build their lash empires, turning passions into profits. The excitement for my students' success never dies, especially for those who have been able to replace their 9 - 5pm jobs with their lash business as they earn 3x their previous jobs monthly income.

In college, I studied Business Management, however my entrepreneurial skills truly are second nature & I'm so glad I took the risks I did to go all in with my lash business.

Forever grateful for everyone who has supported my business in any small or big way. Whether you were just browsing through or made a purchase, it means the world to me.

 E-commerce sales takes off.
Started traveling to host lash trainings.


Closed studio, worked remotely teaching lash courses and sold products online during pandemic


Went solo.
Incorporated my business.
Started offering my Combo Lash Course.
Lashing 6 clients monday - thursdays and teaching every other weekend


Created my line of lash supplies and online store


Full time lashing at a lash salon 4-6 clients per day


LashPro Certified.
Took 1-2 evening & weekend clients. 



 Online store relaunched.
Commercial campaign published in Scorpio Jin Magazine.